Božkov Vodka has won a prize in World Drinks Awards competition

Božkov Vodka is the best-selling vodka in Czech Republic and now it has won a prize in World Drinks Awards competition. To be precise Božkov Vodka has won 1st prize among other participating Czech vodkas. Božkov is celebrating an centenary anniversary this year and this international success is a really nice reward for a century of a hard work.

Božkov vodka is the best-selling in Czech Republic for a long time and it´s quality has been proven by awards it collected in last decade. This time Božkov Vodka has earned 1st prize among other participated pure neutral vodkas from our region. Tasting juries has given it a note: ”Clear in color. Vanilla nose, caramel, butterscotch, hint of pepper, slight floral note. Smooth, full of density mouthfeel. Palate is coffee, bitter chocolate.

“We have never doubted the quality of Božkov Vodka and winning such a prestigious competition is really valuable to us. We are very proud of this primacy and hope that we will be able to share this success with our consumers,” says Brand Manager of Božkov brand, Marie Votrubová.

The World Drinks Awards is one of the most prestigious international competitions for beers, wines and other spirits. The competition is being organized by specialized magaizine annually. The aim of the international competition is to select, reward and promote alcoholic beverages that deserve recognition.

Božkov Vodka: The best-sellling vodka in Czech Republic. This vodka is all around suitable for every single situation imaginable. It´s smooth, clear and tasty. Božkov sells variables to this vodka with the vanilla, lime or blackberry flavor.

Božkov Vodka has earned a bronze medal in competition “International Spirit Challenge 2014” and a silver one in “International Spirit Challenge 2013”.

About Stock Plzeň – Božkov:

Corporation STOCK Plzeň – Božkov is the market leader in the Czech Republic with a portfolio of more than 100 brands (global&local). Brands that sells the most are Božkov, Fernet Stock and other vodkas Amundsen and Pražská vodka. STOCK Plzeň – Božkov distributes other brands from all around the globe for example Captain Morgan (rum), Johnnie Walker (scotch), liqueur Baileys, Jim Beam, cognac Courvoisier and others. STOCK has bought BARTIDA in June of 2019 this action has expanded their portfolio for additional premium brands of spirits. BARTIDA itself distributes rum Legendario into Czech Republic and it has its own production of a fruit and herb spirits.